Whiskey Creeks Ripples in Water

Ella's Clearances 

CHIC # 148690

OFA Hips:GR-128921G24F-VPI Good

OFA Elbow: GR-EL48488F24-VPI Normal

OFA Heart:GR-ACA5238/21F-VPI Normal

OFA Eye: GR-EYE19212/20F-VPI Normal

ICHTHYOSIS Paw print 162146 Clear

Ella's Pedigree

Ella is Medium to light Golden with light golden feathers. Ella is a very quiet girl that is driven to please people. Ella was bred for brains, beauty. Ella is a big lover, she loves everyone she comes in contact with.

Ella has not yet been bred. we are hoping to have a litter the Spring of 2020.