Whiskey Creeks Stir N The Pot CGC TDI

Charlies ClearencesPedigree

Chic # 1113231

OFA:: GR-114856F25F-VPI Fair

OFA Elbow: GR-EL34913F25-VPI Normal

OFA Heart: GR-CA30368/28F/C-VPI Normal

OFA Eye: GR-EYE9981/66F-VPI Normal


Charlie is Medium to dark Golden Red in color with light golden feathers. Charlie is a very quiet girl that loves to please people. Charlie was bred for balance, grace, and beauty in the conformation ring. Charlie is a big lover, she loves everyone she comes in contact with. Charlie loves to go and visit people in retirement homes and work with sick people. she is certified to be a comfort dog and has been comforting people for some time.

Charlie has had a couple of litters of puppies they have all grown up to be amazing dogs. Some of them fallowing in their mothers footsteps and becoming therapee dogs.